Source Products Directly

Cut out the middlemen and buy products from top factories and exporters at the lowest prices.
We work with:
We help you in expanding your capacity and ability to fulfill designs as envisioned by providing numerous alternatives at various price points.
We offer known brands, often as sole representatives in the region, along with product design and development with required branding under our in-house teams of experts.
You get access to an unlimited selection of items at factory-direct prices along with our support, from demand analysis to logistics.
Developers & Designers
Distributors & Dealers
BuildMAX Factory Direct Benefits
We understand that you will agree to see and buy only from those salespeople who take on board their customers’ problems and are able to put new opportunities their way.
The Customer as a Partner
From our years of research, communication, and factory visits, we have built a strong and diverse network of reliable suppliers worldwide, operating in almost every industry. Many of whom we represent exclusively in some territories within our region.
Relationship Networking
Take advantage of some of the marketing funds available for your company with one of our manufacturers. And the best part is that our marketing team will handle everything for you. Just be prepared for the sudden increase in sales.
Representing multiple companies, we can achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating spend across multiple customers for the same category, investing in deep category knowledge and expertise, and lastly, through negotiating leverage deals with suppliers.
Marketing Funds
Economies of Scale
We have over a decade of successful Construction Procurement Experience, so we take the time to understand what success means to you and your customers. Then we work with you to tailor unique strategies that will see products bought through BuildMAX exceed your customer expectations and result in an increased demand in your marketplace.
Free Consulting Services
Get factory-direct pricing, free marketing services inclusive of ad spends and market intelligence that will help you stay ahead of the game and more.
Outperform the Competition with BuildMAX