BuildMAX Inc is a manufacturer-direct source of construction materials and finished products, offering a one-stop shop for direct procurement of building supplies used in commercial, residential, and light industrial construction.

We have earned the trust and respect of clients for a simple reason – we have great people and are linked to reliable factories who together can review your specs, conduct a scope of work analysis, and provide value-engineering alternatives for all your construction needs in the form of a competitive price schedule.

In addition, we carved out the middleman and ship directly from manufacturer to your designated country, eliminating third-party markups and logistical nightmares.

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To ensure projects are built with the highest quality of products and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost.


To provide a fully integrated platform for construction purchasing to be done with utmost convenience at direct factory prices.

Core Values

  • To understand clients needs and provide reliable solutions.
  • To provide long lasting business opportunities
  • To continually optimize the processes and save you money
  • To always be consistent in every service offered

Meet the Team

Bobby Ramkhelawan

The chief visionary and the driving force behind BuildMAX. He is personally involved in the development of new markets and customer experience strategies.

Josephine Ji

Her years of experience in sourcing multi-lines for clients in North America and Europe brought BuildMAX to the next level. Her capability to build relationships with suppliers, negotiating cost and developing agreements ultimately helped us to grow and become known for quality and competitive pricing.

Jackie Li

With design and engineering background and years of international trade experience, his help in coordinating manufacturing, quality control and logistical operations in China is invaluable. He is determined to drive our clients to success and delivers his professional acumen to bring success to BuildMAX simultaneously.

Chad Ramkhelawan

Joining the business full-time after college, he took it upon himself to ensure growth, and the smooth and effective flow of operations and is responsible for the development of our e-commerce platform that makes it easier to source products and be inspired for your projects.

Samantha Charles

Her desire to help people succeed saw BuildMAX rapidly expanding in new markets and increasing its client base. More importantly, she listens – talk to her about anything from material recommendation to cost-effective alternatives and she’ll help you out!

Rhea Ramkhelawan

With an exceptional determination to continuously bring clients the latest products and technologies, she is responsible for vendor management and oversees web merchandising, and digital marketing efforts.