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At Buildmax we don't just move products, we go beyond the call of duty to be a valuable partner. Please contact us directly for more information about our Value-Added Services. 

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  • Professional Sales Support  - Our talented sales individuals with knowledge of the type of materials that withstand the harsh Caribbean sun, rain, wind and salt can recommend and supply technical assistance on a wide range of items.
  • Building Services  - Our team includes architect, engineer and interior designer who can review your project plans with builders or architects helping to select the right materials and create material list.
  • Custom Manufacturing  - We can design and custom-make any special requirement for your construction project. Or distributors who like seeing their company name on a product they can sell with confidence - your private label brand, we’ll optimize your purchasing process by negotiating buying in container quantities. You can rely on our quality control at the source. Our operations team will inspect quality, materials, purchase orders, and packaging. 
  • Logistics - We solve your logistical challenges with our large and sophisticated network. We easily can consolidate various materials and arrange shipment to your country.

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