Find Tiles For All Spaces

Forget the old school tiling ideas and bring forth your futuristic designs with our Vitrified Tiling Brands.

We bring to you 5 distinctive categories.
  1. Floor Tiles

Available in 50 spectacular colors in different finishes and 5 standard sizes., it’s the mode of application that defines the tile’s thickness.

Sizes Available:

200x200mm and
100x100mm with 10mm and 16mm thickness [12mm, 15mm, 16mm(100x100mm) thickness also available with MOQ 500 sq.mts.]


2. Industrial Flooring

It is well-understood that an industrial flooring needs to be more arduous than the residential flooring and as a result, through extensive research and development, Pavicrete was manufactured.

The extra strength of Pavicrete is the result of a proper blend of non-terraneous clay, suitable acid and alkali resistance. Simultaneously, tactiles are best suited for paving paths for visually impaired people.

Sizes Available:

300x300mm with 12mm and 15 mm thickness


3. Granit

An inexpensive solution for customers looking for parking tiles, Granit is available in 5 marvellous colors and 12 elegant finishes which are sure to attract eyeballs.

While eco tile is mainly used for terrace having been designed to reduce heat retention and temperature by utilizing its solar reflectance property, we also have tiles that can be used for steps under Granit’s banner itself.

With size of 300x300x10mm and availability in 3 colors, these tiles can be used for steps thanks to its single side moulding and slip-resistant nature. It is also easy to handle and convenient for layering, thus recommended for steps in high traffic areas as well.

Sizes Available:

300×300mm with 10mm thickness


4. Digitally Printed Vitrified Tile

The digital printing technology guarantees identical designs of tiles in terms of color and surface finish. It prints life-like images on the tile with high clarity giving an option of natural stone as well.

Sizes Available:

300×300mm with 10mm and 16mm thickness


5. Terrene

Meaning to be nature infused with technology, these are full body tiles having a natural and rustic finished surface with anti-skid property, best suitable for exterior & interior applications.

It is available in 31 astonishing colors with 8 unique finishes. Similar to Granit, single-moulded and slip-resistant tiles of size 1200x300x13mm are also available under Terrene in 4 beautiful colors and are advocated for steps, even in the high traffic areas owing to the ease in handling and convenience in layering.

Sizes Available:

1200×300mm (Step Tiles),
400×400mm and
300×300mm with 10mm and 13mm thickness

For more details and catalogues, kindly visit https://tiles.buildmax.us

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