Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Why no prices on your ecommerce website?

Our new site is meant for a better customer experience, you’re able see the full range of products available and have the convenience of being able to make inquiries whenever. To view prices, you will need to login or registered if you’re a new user.

How did the idea of BuildMAX come to life?

BuildMAX was a result of several factors including the limited selection of materials in the local markets, the hassles of dealing with exporters, and the extremely high costing because of the middlemen. With our experience in the field of construction and rapport with suppliers across five continents, we decided to give shape to the perfect solution to tackle these issues.

Where are the products from?

The sourcing of the products is based on what you need and the look and feel you desire since we represent 350+ partner factories globally.

What is the lead time?

The average lead time is 6-10 weeks depending on the item required, the country it is being delivered from and the final destination.

Do you accept small order quantities?

Yes, we can consolidate various items, as needed, and arrange shipping to your required location.

Who do I pay?

We ask you to pay directly to the suppliers.

Can I pay in another currency?

We understand that exchanging foreign currency is sometimes a hassle. For your convenience, you can pay us in your local currency and we’ll get the conversions done. However, the invoices will be made in US Dollars or Euros itself.

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