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Find the right buyers for your products in the Americas. 

We help companies around the world to enter new markets or expand in existing markets without investing additional resources, with less risks, less hassle and much faster. 

Starting out as a manufacturers' rep firm we understand the challenges in starting in a new market or expanding in existing markets, even if your company already has extensive export experience.
Our export development service is offered across the Caribbean and Latin America for over 10 years.
Buildmax local experts know the market, know the culture and speak the language.

As your export developers, we offer a win-win situation.

1 ) Local knowledge -
You have the many benefits of having a satellite office in the customer area including knowledge of the local market and rapid access to all potential accounts without incurring or sustaining huge cost

2) Flexible terms -
We can work on an exclusive or non-exclusive arrangement for the markets you wish

3) Get more out of existing customers -

Some markets may be tougher than others, but eventually the sales results depend on the activity of your local partners.

How much time and money do they spend on promoting your goods or services? Are they eager to do business development and increase their market share?

This is also where our local export developers can play an intermediate role between your company and your partners. To get from polite answers to real answers and from excuses to sales.

4) More cost-efficient than hiring your own staff -

You can see us as the temporary or part-time extension of your team. Hiring us gives the following benefits:
    We are short-term available and productive from day 1
    No need to set up an office abroad and hire somebody full time
    No search agency fees and training costs

We have extensive experience in building supplies and project sales, B2B services and even in small niches. And we are well informed on topics relating to international business.

Start Growing Your Revenues Today!

We'll set up the right channel, get your sales going and expand your market share.

Email - info@buildmax.us  Call - +592 644 3243
Or complete the contact form below. 

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